Treasure island research paper

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Treasure trove

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Treasure Island: An Analysis

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Welcome to Wiki for The Secret. This is a wiki for solving the 12 puzzles contained inside The Secret, a puzzle book published in by Byron set up the puzzle, Preiss traveled to different locations in North America to secretly bury a dozen ceramic vases, or, as he called them, "casques.".

The treasure buried by Charles Wilson would be worth ten million dollars today--ten chests filled with precious gems, silver and gold bullion that have never been found, despite that Wilson wrote explicit directions to the stashed riches. Lost treasure is the foundation of legends and lore, and the greatest lost treasure of all belonged to the Knights Templar.

Now, from the medieval fortified cities of Europe to the holy lands of the Middle East and from a secret pirate island in the Indian ocean to America's first great cities, renowned underwater explorer Barry Clifford and historian Scott Wolter are unearthing new evidence.

Dauphin Island, AL, history archives from discovery, s development to todays attractions.

Treasure island research paper
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Treasure Island - Research Paper